Babes Support Babes Tee + Takeaways from Create & Cultivate

graphic tees
babes support babes t-shirt
babes support babes tee
Graphic tee
babes support babes tee

This tee was a must-have when I saw it while out shopping in Memphis, TN at one of my favorite boutiques , Mozelle. It immediately made me think of how I am part of such a remarkable blogging community, where we all support one another and want to see each other succeed. This support showed clearly at the Create & Cultivate Style Summit in Houston this past weekend. A group of bloggers and creatives came together to share advice on how they are making a brand for themselves, and tips that helped them get where they are today. 

One of the messages that stood out immensely was to be YOU and don't be afraid to stand out. The blogging community continues to grow each day, and while it can be hard not to play the comparison game, it is important to be true to who YOU are because that will be what truly makes you stand out and will help you make those connections with your readers. 

This also goes for your style. Wear what makes you happy! Just because everyone else is wearing that one pair of booties that are hot this fall, or are carrying that bag that all of the celebs have doesn't mean you have to go buy it if you don't like it to fit in with the trends. Wear what makes you comfortable and makes you feel like a bad a**, that is when you will stand out because your confidence will shine through. 

Some other takeaways that stood out to me from the Style Summit were to be consistent, make your blog your portfolio and only rely on this because you OWN it, and try to make your posts relatable. Consistency is key when trying to grow your brand because that is what keeps your readers coming back for more. If your readers know you will be posting at a certain time each day, they know they can rely on you. Make your blog a portfolio of your work and only show your BEST work on it. We all rely so heavily on Instagram and other social media, but who knows when those sites will be gone and then we will be left only with our blogs. Make your blog your baby and your best work. Instagram is your highlight reel but your blog is where you tell a story and connect with your readers. This last one has been weighing on my mind a lot lately because I really want to start making my posts more meaningful for y'all. Talking about clothes all day is great, but I want my readers to take something away from each post. One way that was brought up to do this is by jotting down notes throughout the day when you have a problem in your own life that you have to work out because chances are, someone else is having that problem too and could use your advice. 

If you are a blogger or creative and haven't been to an event like Create & Cultivate yet I highly suggest going. It is so refreshing to know there are other boss babes out there who are or were in the same boat as you, and to know there is a support system out there who has your back and wants to help you succeed. If y'all have any other questions about blogging or life in general, I'd love to hear in a comment below!

Now let's go conquer this Monday! 

Sweater Vest for Under $30

sweater vest
sweater vest
sweater vest
sweater vest
sweater vest
sweater vest
sweater vest

Sweater Vest [c/o] Lennox + Lane 

It's Friday and I am not sure where the week has gone but I am so excited for the weekend! I have to say, it's been a struggle since I've gotten back in town to get back in the routine of things. This chilly weather we have been having hasn't been helping either cause it just makes me want to snuggle up all day in my pjs. I am determined to get next week kicked off on the right foot though and get back to the grind. 

Sweater vests have been one of my fall favorites since moving to Houston. They fulfill that sweater weather craving, while still being bearable to wear since it never gets "cold" here. I love wearing them over a long sleeve tunic with some comfortable leggings and boots for a super comfortable and casual outfit. This is also a great fall travel outfit! I love the rich burgundy color in this vest from Lennox + Lane, and it is less than $30! 

Now I'm off to some fun blog events this weekend and make sure you are following along on Instastories! 

How to Style a Skirt for Fall

fall skirts
plaid skirt
plaid fall skirt
Fall skirt
Plaid Skirt
Fall plaid skirt

This past weekend, TJ and I went to two good friends wedding in Nashville and TJ was the best man, which meant he was given the task of giving a speech. While he was a little bit nervous being his first time giving a best man speech, he blew everyone out of the water and was phenomenal! There was one line that made everyone laugh so hard so I had to share (and it was perfect for this post)..... "a best man's speech is like a mini skirt.....short enough to be interesting, but long enough to cover the goods" LOL! 

So on that note, the mini skirt is back and it is showing up everywhere this fall! My favorite way to style them is with a crop sweater and ankle booties. This is such a cute girly look, and it is a great alternative to jeans. If you live somewhere where your fall and winters are mild, this is the perfect outfit for you! This top is unavailable now, but I have linked some really cute options that would pair perfectly with this skirt. Shop this look above and Happy Hump Day!