No Sew Pillows

It has been 2 months since we have moved to Houston......I can't even believe it! Time flies so quickly! Moving can be fun, scary, tiring, and exciting all wrapped up in one big package. This is the first place that Tj and I get to call "our" home and it has been so much fun getting to pick things out together bringing both of our styles into the mix. 

Before we had even left Memphis I already had so many ideas in my head of how I wanted to decorate and could not wait to see it all come to life! One of my top DIY projects was to give these old pillows a much needed makeover. 

Unfortunately I didn't get to bring my mom's sewing kit with me, so when it came to recovering these pillows I had to find a no sew method. I searched endlessly on Pinterest for an easy no sew guide, but surprisingly did not come across as many as I thought I would. So it was off to Hobby Lobby and I was just going to cross my fingers and wing it! 

I picked out the fabrics with Tj's help ( I'm too indecisive with those choices, they are all so pretty), found some permanent fabric glue, and was heading home to see what kind of masterpiece I could pull together. 

So now down to the nitty gritty! Now before I get started with my step by step guide on how I made my pillows, I want to let you all know that this is probably not the "right" way to do it but hey, it worked for me and I am obsessed with my new throw pillows! 

What you will need: 


-Some old pillows 

-Your favorite fabric(s) of choice - I got 1 yard of each to cover these standard sized throw pillows 

- Permanent Fabric Glue (I used Liquid Stitch Original and it worked great!) 

Step 1: 

-Measure about a 4 inch border from the edge of the pillow and then fold 2 inches of that edge over and glue so you have a clean edge. (Pictured above). Once you have one edge done, fold the other half of the fabric over the pillow to cover it and measure so you have two inches left over, and then fold and glue that edge. (Pictured below). 

Step 2: 

-You will want to do the same thing to the sides of the fabric so that you will end with about a 2 inch border from the pillows edge to the edge of the fabric. NOTE: You do not have to cut the fabric you can simply fold it over and glue it. 

Step 3: 

-Now just fold the fabric of the pillow to cover it, and you just need to glue all of the edges shut. I did one side at a time, pressing it down for about a minute and then moving on to the next. It takes about 30 minutes total to completely dry. 

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to email me and I would be happy to help!