A Colorful & Durable Table Setting

When it comes to decorating, I definitely have my mama's jeans. We can spend countless hours in Pier 1, Home Goods, or any home decor store you can think of pretty much. Once we get started it just doesn't end, and let me just say we spent a good hour and a half in Pier 1 putting together this table setting (poor TJ)! We may have different tastes in things, but I love bouncing ideas off of each other and when we finally do get it all together we both get so excited! 

I have been so obsessed with bright colors and pattern play lately and when we saw these dishes at a boutique here in Houston, we knew they were coming home with us! What started as just dishes grew to place mats, salt & pepper shakers, candles, and flower arrangements until we finally had it all pieced together. One of the best parts of this whole display, the dishes are PLASTIC!! Can you believe it?! When I saw them in the store they looked like beautiful (and expensive) glass dishes, so I kept on walking knowing they would be WAY out of my price range, but to my surprise they were plastic and price friendly! So the ceramic trend continued when we headed over to Pier 1 and I found the perfect bowls to match. While we do have our set of fancy shmancy glass dishes, I have been wanting a set that was durable and more lightweight for everyday use (those glass dishes can get SUPER heavy). If you are looking for a way to spruce up your table setting and not break the bank, plastic is the way to go in my book! Shop all of my table pieces below! 

Thanks for reading! -xo