How to Cohabitate with Your Significant Other Peacefully

After almost 3 years of living together, we still have "our ways", we still butt heads, and we are still learning from one another, but I absolutely love this journey we are on together and figuring out what makes each other tick. Little things like putting the toilet paper on the right way and not closing the chip bag all the way drive TJ nuts. While leaving cabinet doors open and dirty clothes left on the floor make me crazy, but it is all part of the process of figuring each other out and how to cohabitate. 

So we may not be perfect and we may not have it down to a science, but here are a few tricks we have found helpful to peacefully cohabitate with your significant other! 

1. SHARE the Closet

We recently moved into a bigger apartment, so this has become a little bit easier because we now have an extra closet, but if you only have one then make sure you are sharing. Divide the closet down the middle and only hang the things that you wear every day. For seasonal clothes, get some storage bins and fold up your sweaters or jackets to store under the bed or on the floor of your closet. 

2. Optimize Your Hanging Space

One of TJ's pet peeves is single socks in his sock drawer that get lost and ultimately never find their mate. I just like to shove it all in there so I don't have to see anything laying around. Solution? The U.S.H or the Unmatched Sock Hanger! This sock hanger is great because you can store it anywhere and all of your unmatched socks are neatly out of the way. It's also great to hang on your closet door to store scarves or purses like I have shown and that helps clear up some space in the closet. 

3. Compromise on Furniture and Decor

While I would love everything to be pink and leopard print, TJ wouldn't appreciate it very much if he came home one day to a girls paradise. We just bought a whole bedroom set together for our new home and I constantly was asking TJ what he liked to make sure it fit both of our tastes. One way to make sure it is gender neutral, go with neutral colors. If all the neutral is feeling a little bore fest, throw in a pop of color with some decorative pillows or some faux flower arrangements. 

4. Don't get Stubborn in YOUR Ways

So this one I am still working on but we are making progress. Just because someone doesn't do something the way you have always done it doesn't mean their way is wrong. Sit down and have a discussion if something is truly bothering you before you blow up like a cannon ball (guilty....sorry babe!). 

5. Divvy Up the Chores

So this is a little embarrassing but I can't cook. I don't cook. Cooking and Julie don't get along. I have had one too many mishaps in the kitchen that I try and steer clear unless I am getting a glass of wine or a snack. The kitchen is TJ's domain and he loves cooking (Thank God), so he cooks our meals and I help clean up. It's important to equally partake in chores so one person isn't overwhelmed and feeling like they are always the one cleaning up after the other. While we still are working at this (I'm a clean freak and a stuffer), we always help each other out or offer to help which is key. 

What are some ways that help you and your significant other cohabitate peacefully?