Office Reveal + My Motivational Tactics

While this will always be a "work in progress", I wanted to share my little creative work space with you all today. For some reason I just can't seem to be productive sitting on my couch. We have too many shows to catch up on, it is so comfy so I just want to snuggle up, and when my butt hits the cushion it's game over! So I have been wanting to create a little nook where I can hide away for a little bit and let my creative juices flow. 

What I love about this space is it can be as girly as I want it! I think the key to a work space is finding what motivates you and will make you want to sit at that desk for as long as it takes. Whether that be a clean space with no distractions or a colorful space with motivational pieces all around to keep your imagination rolling. My style flips back and forth and I am sure once we move into a house it will be setup completely different, but for now this is my area! 

On the topic of motivation, my New Years resolution was consistency and I am holding myself to it. I have the days where all I want to do is sit on my comfy couch after a long day of work, but I know that putting in those few extra hours here will pay off in the long run. So here are a couple techniques that I am using to stay motivated and these may help you out too! 

1. Podcasts

So if you haven't heard, Houston has REALLY frustratingly BAD traffic. By time I get home, I am pretty much over everything and ready for a glass (or bottle) of wine, so I knew there had to be a better way to spend that 45 min - an hour car ride home from work that wouldn't make me turn grey at the age of 25. Podcasts came to the rescue! I had heard all of this talk about podcasts and how great they were, but kind of just always forgot about them. Currently I have been listening to Being Boss  which is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs and really gets me motivated to go home and tackle a blog post or answer all of those emails in my inbox. 

2. Cutting back the Netflix Binge Watching

I know this is like a sin, but TJ and I get in these habits of starting a really good show and end up spending the whole day Saturday watching episode after episode. So I've made it a rule for myself to only watch 2 episodes a day and AFTER I've finished all of the work that I need to get done. 

3. Reward Yourself

I like to set mini goals for myself throughout the day and then once those goals are completed I will reward myself with something. An example may be, answering all of my emails in my inbox and once I'm done spend 5-10 minutes reading one of my favorite blogs or go get a sweet treat. I find that setting these goals and having something to reward myself with afterwards really helps keep me on track and focused to get the task at hand done. 

What are some tricks that you use to keep yourself motivated? 

Leave me a comment below with some of your favorite ways to keep you motivated and focused to reach your goals!