Off the Beaten Track

It's that time of year when we are in the home stretch of winter and it is just absolutely freezing! This week Memphis hasn't reached temperatures out of the 20's yet and I know it won't be going away for a while. Thanks to this bitter cold weather, it may seem difficult for people to figure out how to look cute and stay warm and not have to bundle up and look like a giant marshmallow. The key for me is to find fitter coats to wear over sweaters, pair with some fun colored pants or skinny jeans, and then layer with cute accessories such as scarves, hats, and gloves. For those days that you want to wear something other than pants (which has been me lately), I love the look of a dress with some blackout tights, booties (or knee high boots which are very popular), and a cape coat. For todays look I went casual since I was just running errands and not doing anything too fancy. I love colored corduroy pants this time of year, that are warm and look cute! I paired them with a basic sweater and then layered with my jacket and hat. Try out different layering styles to see what fits your style best and keeps you warm at the same time!

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