Graduation Time!

Graduation is right around the corner for many students including myself and I am beyond ECSTATIC! It has been a long but fun five years and I am ready to tacklewhatever is in store for me in the future! Like many other graduating seniors, I am in the process of job hunting which is a task in itself. I am so thankful for this last semester and my amazing professor (thank you Mrs. Quinn!) for my senior seminar class that gave us the 101 on how to dress, behave, and conquer all of those interviews. That helped so much in making it seem not as intimidating and can focus more on what I have to bring to the table rather than what I should wear etc. I thought I would share with you some of the helpful tips I took out of the class that way you can be your best you and you can ace that interview!

1. Wear neutral colors & don't over accessorize When going in for an interview, you want the interviewer to focus on your qualities that make you perfect for the job and not your vibrant floral pants or those hot pink statement earrings that are your fav! Wear neutral colors such as black, navy, or grey. You aren't going to be going on interviews for the rest of your life, so I suggest investing in a nice pair of slacks or a tailored pencil skirt that you can wear multiple times. Pair it with a solid neutral colored blouse and you are ready to impress! I purchased this two piece set recently from Macy's and am in love with it! The subtle crocheted flower overlay print gives it that little something extra so you don't feel so plane jane. I paired it with my go to pair of Steve Madden heels and added some neutral accessories to complete my look!

2. Clean up Another important factor when it comes to how you look and dress is making sure your hair, makeup, and nails look neat. Rolling out of bed and throwing on the closest outfit you can find isn't an option when it comes to interviews. Plan it out and take the time to make yourself look polished because it will really impress your interviewer. A simple hair style such as all down straight or some loose curls is always a great option. Simple makeup is also key because you don't want the focus to be on what shade your red lips are rather than what those lips are actually saying. It is also important to have your nails cleaned up. This doesn't mean you have to go break the bank and go get a full out mani but just make sure your nails look neat, and if they are polished go with a light color such as light pink, white, or nude.

3. Know the company Before going to your interview, take some time to do some research on the company you are applying to work for. Find out what the companies goals are, what products or services they sell, if they donate to a certain charity, etc. This will really show that you are dedicated and are really interested in what the company is about. It is also important to know about the position you are applying for as well so make sure you know all of the tasks that will be required of you before going into the interview and make sure you are prepared to go through with those tasks.

4. Write down some questions Make a list of any questions that you have about the position and/or the company you are wanting to work for.

5. Bring a resume and/or portfolio Don't show up empty handed. Bring a resume or a portfolio showcasing work you have done whether it be past work experience or projects that you have done in school. This is really impressive and shows that you are a hard worker.

I hope these tips are helpful and if there are any other questions about interviewing or anything else feel free to email me and I will try and help as best as possible!

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