Summer Hats

Happy Saturday loves! Hats are one of my favorite accessories for summer! They are not only practical to keep those hot summer rays off of your face, but they are also so stylish. My head is on the smaller side which can make it hard for me to find a lot of hats because majority of them swallow me whole, but when I do one that fits just right it's like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and I want to buy every variety of the hat that the store offers ( I have to reel myself in and tell myself "you don't need 3 of the same kind of hat in 3 different colors"). I always try to pick the one that is the most versatile and I can wear with multiple different outfits. I found this little beauty and fell in love with its fit and style (AND it was an AWESOME price!).

This weekend we have BBQ fest going on here in Memphis and I went Thursday night with my numero uno and a group of friends. I was having a "I'm feeling lazy and don't feel like washing and then spending an hour just fixing my hair kind of day". This called for the low messy bun and this hat to cover up my undone tresses. I was shocked that it was actually a hit and I was getting compliments on my 10 minute look, which shows that hats can be a lifesaver!

Hats can be worn with so many different outfits. Pair a big floppy hat with a breezy summer dress and some wedges, throw on a fedora with your favorite pair of cutoffs and some sandlas, or even pair a comfy jumpsuit with some platform clogs and a floppy straw hat! There are tons of options out there and I would love to hear which ones you guys love best!

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