Adam Lippes for Target

When I came across this shirt dress, hanging there in all of its black and white plaid beauty, it was love at first sight. It was coming home with me and that was the end of it. I wandered through the rest of the women's clothing isles, picking up a few things that caught my eye, and then was off to the dressing room! I saved the eye catcher for last and could not wait to put it on! It was finally the moment of truth, would this be the dress of my dreams or would I be let down by that plastic hanger that wears the dress a million times better than I do? I slipped it on, holding my breath for the reveal, and there it was. The hanger had won, it definitely rocked the dress way better than I did. As I started taking the dress off a lightbulb went off, what if instead of a dress, I wore it as a lightweight jacket?! I was sold! 

A lot of time we see gorgeous pieces hanging on those little plastic hangers, try it on, and sadly lose the battle...... it wasn't even close to how well the hanger rocked it. Don't lose hope though, just think outside of the box. Although an item might be pictured to be worn a certain way, you can always switch it up and wear it however you think it looks best and makes you feel confident! 

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