Travel Tips

I love traveling! Exploring new places, going to see family and friends it is always such an adventure! One of the down sides of traveling is packing, talk about stressful. It is easy to put it off until the last minute and then to throw a bunch of things in your bag that you won't even need and end up forgetting the essentials. Well stress no more, I have the solution for you! 

Thanks to my high school dance team days, every time I go out of town I HAVE to make a packing list. I'm talking writing every single thing down and checking it off as it goes in the bag to make sure I didn't forget anything. This may sound like a pain in the butt but trust me, it works!  

It seems like one of the hardest trips to pack for are the short weekend getaways. You don't want to pack a whole suitcase cause you will be there two days total, but you never know what options you might need! Here are some tips & tricks I use when I am packing for short or long trips: 


-Being able to actually see everything you want to bring can really help you narrow down to what you actually will NEED! 

2. Pack two pairs of shoes for short weekends that can be worn with multiple outfits. 

You don't need every single pair of shoes in your closet, that will require a whole separate bag. Pack one or two of your favs and make sure they go with each outfit you decide to bring. Make sure at least one of them is a comfortable pair also! 

3. Pack clothes that can be worn as different outfits, the less you have to pack the better. 

Take one dress/t-shirt/sweater and wear it multiple times by adding accessories to make a different look each time! 

4. Place dryer sheets between your clothes to keep them smelling fresh!

A friend actually taught me this trick, but if you place dryer sheets in between your clothes they will smell fabulous when it's time to take them out! 

See what I packed for my short trip to New Orleans last weekend here: 

Hat Target | Bag (exact but in navy) Target | Dress Forever 21 | Jeans Joe's Jeans | Shoes Steve Madden | Booties Chinese Laundry | Black Jeans SheIn | Plaid Shirt (similar) Forever 21 | Booties Target | Sweater H&M

If you have any questions or would like any other tips on packing, feel free to comment below or send me an email! I would love to help!