Best Booties

So I may have gone a little overboard on my list of my favorite booties but hey....who doesn't like options right? Right! One of my favorite things about this time of year is being able to wear booties literally ALL the time! There are so many great styles and can be worn from day to night so easily. Every year I like to invest in a good quality pair of booties. These are the ones that live in their little box home when they are not on my feet, and the weather man determines when they will come out to play or not. Booties can get a little pricey so I try and pick my "can't live without" pair every year and splurge on those, and then I will buy others here and there that I don't mind getting a little dirty! Booties also make a great Christmas gift for yourself or for your gal pals!

So here you go ladies and gents, my somewhat enormous list of my favorite booties!

Shake your booties!