Target Swim 2016

We are already creeping up on that time of year for tropical vacations and lazy days by the pool! While that sounds oh so amazing, it's also a scary thought to think about hitting those stores to find a swimsuit.....winter means hibernation, which means I put on extra weight to keep me warm and I could also use a dose of vitamin D, ahhh! I am not perfect and have many flaws that have held me back from throwing on a swimsuit and heading to the pool with my friends. I was blessed with very fair skin (I used to think it was a curse), which means I have to lather on the sunscreen and can't get that golden glow unless it comes from a self tanning bottle, I have pretty bad scoliosis that makes my back look deformed, and I also have suffered from acne. Instead of pulling the blanket over my head and calling it quits, this swimsuit season I am taking Targets #NOFOMO pledge to not miss out on any more swimsuit activities because of my flaws. 

Target offers a large variety of swimsuit styles that will fit any size, shape, or color. There is also a free shipping and return policy so you can try on as many swimsuits as you want in the comfort of your own home until you feel confident and find your perfect match! Join me in taking the #NOFOMO pledge and rock that swimsuit because you are fabulous! 

Swimsuit 1: One Piece

Swimsuit 2: Top | Bottom 

This is a sponsored post by @TargetStyle 

Thanks for reading! -xo