Forever 21 Jumpsuits & Jean Jackets

This weekend I will be packing up for our trip to good ole' Georgia next week for one of TJ's friends' wedding and I cannot wait! We are staying in a house with a group of TJ's friends and I am so excited to be surrounded by friends and lots of fun (there is never a dull moment with that group)! It is also going to be a mini vaca for TJ and I since we decided to make it a 5 day trip instead of just going for the weekend, that means I have to pack lots of outfits for lots of day right? TJ would disagree and since he tends to be the lugging the suitcase around, I try to pack as minimal as possible to lighten the load. With that being said, this little jumpsuit get up is coming along for the journey! 

Jumpsuits and rompers are such an easy piece to pack because they are a whole outfit in itself and they fold up so teeny tiny that they barely take up any space in your luggage, WINNER! I bought this jumpsuit many...many....many years ago from Forever 21 (I'm embarrassed to even tell y'all how old this thing is, I mean were talking like freshman year of college so 6ish years ago, OMG such an oldie goldie). It has made it through multiple closet clean outs and I just can't seem to let it go & thankfully I didn't! 

Jumpsuits are so comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down so easily. For this jumpsuit, I paired it with a denim jacket and some chunky heel mules. Since there is a pattern on the jumpsuit, I kept the accessories to a minimum wearing neutral tones to really make the jumpsuit the main focus. 

Since this jumpsuit is so old and no longer available, I have linked some of my current favorite jumpsuits and rompers from Forever 21 above as well as all of the other pieces from this look!

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