The 6 Things You Need to Get You Through the Week

Life can get a bit hectic, and lately it sure feels like it is getting the best of me. Between a busy work schedule, blogging, and trying to have somewhat of a personal life, sometimes all I want to do is curl up in a ball under the covers and get away. But lets face it, we're adults now and curling up in a ball and escaping from the real world just can't happen anymore. So what do I do to keep myself sane and to remind myself it will all be okay? I find joy in little happy things that make me feel good throughout the week. Whether you are just not feeling like standing there an extra 20 minutes in the morning to fix your hair so your hair goes into a topknot and you throw on some fun tassel earrings, or you get home from work and run a hot bath and dive into a good book, it's fun to find little things to get excited about during those crazy days. 

So here are a few things that are getting me through my week and may help get you through yours! 

1. Flatforms....say it with me YAS girlfriend! 

Talk about one of the trendiest pair of shoes out right now! There are SO MANY cute pairs out right now and I just want them all! #shoeproblem Flatforms are a lifesaver for those days when you are running to the dry cleaners, picking up groceries, hitting up Target for 1...lets be real $100 worth of stuff, and all of your other errands. They are so comfortable and give you a little something extra with the platform heel but are still easy to walk in. Here are a few of my favorites: 

2. Tassel Earrings cause it's a party on your ears! 

Tassel earrings are another fab and fun trend happening right now. They come in so many colors and make your outfit go from blah to showstopper! Here are my favs: 

3. A good book & I can't put this one down! 

One of my favorite ways to wind down after a day of wanting to pull my hair out is to soak in a hot bath with my bath bomb, glass of wine, face mask, and a good book! I love books that make me completely escape from this world and jump into the world of the book. Here are some I have on my bath time reading list: 

4. Bold Lipstick because we have all heard the quote "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together"

I don't know what it is about that little colorful stick, but as soon as I put my lipstick on I feel like a new person! Try these fun summer colors that I love: 

5. Fun Sunnies because if I can't hide under the blankets from the world then my sunnies will have to do! 

6. Statement Necklaces completely transform your outfit into something new! 

Are you just not feeling anything in your closet this week? Me either girl, between trying to wear something "work appropriate" and tired of wearing the same things over and over again, my work clothing options can become a bore fest. So one way I like to change things up is with my accessories. A bold statement necklace or some fun bangles can make that same old outfit feel new again and for a lot cheaper than re-hauling your whole wardrobe!

What do you like to do to get your through the week?! 

Thanks for reading - xo