The Dress for Work & Play + Ways to Help You Wake Up in the Morning Without Coffee

DressNecklace [All c\o Charming Charlie] | Bag Gigi New York | Hat (similar) Urban Outfitters | Shoes (similar) Macy's | Lipstick Shade: Champagne Target | Watch Michael Kors 

I am no pro at getting up early in the morning. A lot of mornings when my alarm goes off at 5:30 A.M., I roll over and hit snooze and just accept the fact that I am probably going to be going to work with some bedhead. No bueno! So I have set a new goal for myself to stop hitting snooze and to actually get up early so I can look presentable, get my life together, and not be rushing in the morning starting my day off crazy. While coffee is and will always be my morning main squeeze, I'm not always in the mood for a hot cup and sometimes want something that is a little more healthy and won't make me crash by 10 A.M.. So I went searching for some different ways to wake you up and give you a boost in the morning without all of the caffeine intake. Of course I had to share my finds! 

1. Vitamin D & Fresh Air

When you wake up in the morning, open up a window, crack the back door, or sit on your patio for a few minutes and soak it all in. Getting some sunshine and fresh air awakens your senses and will put you in the best mood! And it doesn't hurt that it is about 10 degrees cooler early in the morning than it is the rest of the day so it's the best time to be outside in the Summer! 

2. A Nice Big Glass of Ice Cold Water

Instead of a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, try a glass of water instead. Hydrating your body will keep it alert and awake. 

3. Exercise

Whether it's a quick 10 minute walk or you head to the gym for an hour, I always feel like a morning workout gets my body pumped for the day. 

4. Read a Good Book

I don't know about you but 95% of the day I am either looking at my phone, on a computer at work, or watching the TV. So give your brain a little technology break in the morning and sink into a good book. If you find one that you can't put down, you will be excited to get up and pick it up again! 

5. Eat Something Nutritional For Your Body

We have all heard it time and time again, but eating something healthy in the morning and not those Eggo's that we all love can keep you going all day. Just think, if you start off on the right foot than the rest of your day will fall into place. I am dying to try this green smoothie ASAP! 

So back to trying to look presentable in the morning, how cute is this polka dot shift dress?! I am obsessed with how lightweight and cool it is for summer, and the length is perfect to wear from the office to a play date with your girlfriends! This is also a great dress that can be layered in the fall with a sweater and some boots. Versatile all year round! Shop this whole look by clicking on each picture below and it will take you directly to the site to shop! 

So what are some ways that help you get up and get going in the morning?! I'd love to hear cause like I said, I am not a pro at getting up with the roosters!