7 Summer Outfit Must Haves

Summer is in full swing and today I wanted to share some summer outfit must have's that that will keep you in style all season long! 

1. Anything Off The Shoulder

There are dozens and dozens of dress, tops, and even rompers to choose from. Flaunt those shoulders girlfriend! 

2. Choker Necklaces Are Back

My favorite accessory from middle school is back and I couldn't be more excited! Give me ALL the chokers!

3. Kitten Sandals Meow

I love love love kitten sandals right now! They are so perfect to wear with shorts or dresses when you want a little heel but don't want to look like you just walked out of a night club in Vegas. They are the perfect day time casual heel. 

4. Saddle Bag

This western esque crossbody bag is perfect for all of your daytime adventures! 

5. Army Green

I love utility vests paired with some cutoff denim and a white tee! 


I'm sure you've read the memo and heard the broadcast but in case you haven't..........tassels are in! Tassels on your shoes, tassels on your ears, tassels on your clothes.....literally they are everywhere! 

7. Lace Up

Why just tie your shoes when you can tie up your clothes too?! The crisscross lace up tops and dresses are making a statement this summer!