Florals for Fall

Necklace [c/o] Bloom Jewelry | Bracelet [c/o] Bloom Jewelry 

When we think of florals we usually think of spring time, but this year florals are one of the top trends for fall and I am obsessed! Think of your typical floral prints but on deep reds, army greens, and all of those other fall hues we are all getting googly eyed over. I snagged this floral print button down from Forever 21 for under $20 and am so in love with the color. For now pair them with denim cutoffs or a corduroy skirt like this one. When it cools down, it would look adorable with leather jeggings like these or some distressed jeans and booties. 

Shop my look as well as some of my other favorite floral blouses from F21 for under $20 below!

This weekend we are heading into the storm....literally. We are taking a little vacation to go see TJ's family in Florida and might need to pack the canoe with all of the rain that is supposed to be happening. Do y'all have any favorite indoor places to go to in JAX while we are there since the beach will most likely be out? 

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!