How to Help Throw the Perfect Bridal Shower

I'm at that point in my life when all of my friends are getting engaged and I am constantly going to showers and weddings. While it's one thing to attend the festivities, helping throw them is a completely different story and can be extremely stressful. We want everything to be perfect for our bestie bride and trust me, it will don't pull your hair out just yet! 

I'm all about enjoying the process and having a good time, so today I am sharing some helpful websites, DIY projects, and even outfits for you to wear for your next wedding shindig. 

One of the first steps of planning a bridal shower are the invitations. Once you have your theme chosen and know how many people to invite, head over to Wedding Paper Divas  where you can find tons of designs to customize and choose from. This website is a LIFE SAVER because sometimes we just aren't as creative as we want to be or are having a major creativity block and have no clue where to begin. This site walks you through step by step, making sure it looks exactly how you want it and that you have everything you need. 

Um DUH! This is probably the easiest part because who doesn't like to eat?! Whip up some easy but colorful treats like fruity pebble rice crispy treats or stop by your local bakery for some colorful macaroons. A mimosa bar is always a win in my book too cause girlfriend loves her mimosas! 

Party favors don't need to be complex, order some mini bath bombs, wrap them in tule, and tie them off with a catchy little note like shown above. Another creative idea is to make some homemade soaps to go along with your bath bombs. 

Bridesmaid / Guest 


Last but not least, take lots of pictures and enjoy the day spoiling your bestie bride during this special time in her life!