How to Look Stylish but Comfortable for a Football Game

If you ask any of my friends they will tell you, I am NOT a sports fan. Never have been, never will be, I just don't get it. But although I may not have a favorite team or countdown until football season starts, I still do enjoy going to root on T's team, whether it be at the actual stadium or cooking out with friends. 

A few weeks ago (before football season started) TJ says to me while sitting on the couch, "babe are you excited" & of course I ask "for what?!" and he exclaims in excitement "FOOTBALL IS ABOUT TO START"...........I looked at Campbell and said "I guess it's going to be you and me for the next 3 months" only for TJ to come back with "it's actually more like 4 and a half months babe"....WONDERFUL! 

So as you can tell, I may not be the biggest sports fan in the world. One thing I do enjoy, putting together outfits for the games. TJ is a VOLS fan and nothing makes me more excited than when I find something actually cute that is orange and know I can wear it to watch a game! So for all of you ladies out there that are hunting for something cute to wear to your next tailgate or watch party, keep reading to find out what my key pieces for a fashionable football outfit are!


This may be my number one priority in my football attire, especially if you are going to the actual football game. Stilettos are hot girlfriend but you do not want to be standing in those all day long. Opt for a chunkier heel like these and these. The happier your feet are the happier you will be :)! 

Base Layer Piece

Casual dresses are probably my favorite thing to wear to a football game. A dress is just so comfortable and easy to throw on and always looks put together. This one is one of my favorites and comes in so many colors for all of your different sports teams! 

Cover Up

It may be a little warm right now, but I like to bring along a lightweight jacket or sweater because you never know what those temperatures will dip to at night. If you are worried about having to carry it around all day, tie it around your waist and it will look adorable! A jacket like this one is perfect and can go with so many looks. 


Where all the fun begins. One of the easiest and least expensive ways to incorporate game day colors into your outfit is with accessories. A statement necklace like this one can add some flare. 

Shop some of my favorite game day pieces below and happy football season!