Spring Shoe Must Haves

It's time to go get those pastel colored pedi's because with spring now in full force, our toes are coming out to play! I always get so excited each time a new season rolls around because you get to play with all new shoes, which can make getting dressed up 100% more fun. After a few months of wearing what seems like the same ole things over and over again, we can get in a slump and maybe even give up on our closets because we are just burnt out on it. So when the weather starts to change and we get into a new season, it is like the life is brought back into us! 

Of course with every new season there are always new trends. While I love trying out these trends, sometimes it's good to stick with your favorite, never fail pairs that have proven to be good to you. So I am mixing up some of my never fails with a few newer trends to bring y'all an array of spring shoe must have's that you NEED in your closet this season! 

Newer Trend Musts

Mules & Slides

These are one on trend pair of shoes that I truly feel will stick around for a long time. We saw these coated in fur for the winter, and now we are seeing them in beige's and pretty pastels for the spring. If you are looking for an easy breezy casual shoe, these will be your best friend! 

Street Sneakers

While sneakers are far from a new trend, we are starting to see them more dressed up lately in street wear. Now don't think of your average old sneakers that you throw on to head to the gym, these are the ones you keep in pristine condition that you can wear with pretty dresses, a pair of jeans, or even a cute skirt. 

Season Favorites

Block Heel Sandals

I.live.in.these. These are basically the most comfortable shoes ever and can be easily worn from day to night. If you work in a business casual environment they are great for the office too because they are easy to walk in and super comfortable. 

Walking Wedges

Wedges are great because they are so much easier to walk in than stilettos, are super comfortable so you can wear them all day long, and are great if you want to dress up a casual outfit a little bit without over doing it.