Best Boho Dress for Summer

I hope everyone had a fun filled weekend with friends and family celebrating Easter!

We are back at it today kicking off a new week, but I still have the weekend on the brain and wish I was back in this cute little bohemian dress. I think we all get a little down in the dumps when we hear that it is Monday. It means we have a full work week ahead of us and just that alone can put us in a bad mood and can set a bad tone for the other days to come. 

I am the worst at getting in a work week funk where all I want to do is go straight home when I get off, take my work clothes off, and veg out on the couch watching all of my shows that I've DVR'd. While doing that isn't a bad thing, it is still good to plan fun little after work activities throughout the week so you can have something exciting to look forward to. 

I don't know about you, but if I have a trip planned I will count down the weeks, days, even seconds until that trip because it is something fun to look forward to. So why not create other little exciting plans other than trips so you can make you work weeks more exciting and enjoyable?

Some ideas might be to have Wednesday night dinners at a friends house, go grab wine and chit chat with your girlfriends, go see a movie, the options are endless and they will make you weeks feel like they are flying by! What's that saying?? Time flies by when you're having fun?! ;) 

Now onto this adorable bohemian dress that is perfect for summer! This dress is so perfect I have been wearing it multiple times a week.....yes multiple. It is comfortable and the fabric is lightweight which makes it breathable. One of my favorite things about this dress is you don't need a slip for it! One of my biggest pet peeves is finding cute dresses that are see through and don't come with a am I supposed to wear that?! Another benefit is it is long in the back which I love #tallgirlproblems. I paired it with these cute and comfortable block heel sandals from Hush Puppies. 

Now it's time to pull yourself out of the dumps and make some fun week plans to get you through until next weekend!