Friday Favorites: Statement Earrings

Good morning and Happy Friday!!

This weekend calls for a celebration because we are finally pre-approved for a home loan and could not be more excited! After living in Houston for almost 2 years now, TJ and I have grown to love it more and more everyday and are so excited to purchase our first home here. So now comes the hard part, finding that perfect home. But unlike searching for the perfect home which can take days, months, or even years (please don't let it be years guys), finding the perfect pair of statement earrings is a lot less stressful and less expensive! These are the earrings that you will have fun with all spring and summer long, but don't have to be a long term commitment because they may be out of style next year. 

This season it is all about bold colored statement earrings and I am loving it! I love thinking outside the box and adding a random pop of color to an outfit to give it more depth. Instead of an arm party, think more of an ear party! Bright colors, fun textures, and lots of drama. The bigger the earring the better! 

So here are a few of my favorite statement earrings out right now so you can get your ear party started!