How to Pack in Less Time

I love traveling and getting away, but one of my least favorites parts about going on trips is packing for them, talk about anxiety and procrastination at its finest! And it always seems like the short weekend trips are the HARDEST trips to pack for #whattheheck. I may not be a pro, and TJ will definitely tell you otherwise, but when I actually can get my act together and am not rushing to throw things in a bag, I can be pretty organized when it comes to packing. I praise my old dance team coach in high school for giving us packing lists before we would go to any competition because it was seriously a life changer! Now, it is almost impossible for me to pack without one. Whether I jot it down in a notebook really quick or take the time to type one out, packing lists make it 100% easier and you will feel less worried that you forgot something in the end. 

So, that is when I came up with the idea to create a generic packing list to share with all of you so that maybe you can feel a little less stressed the next time you have to pack for a trip too! Now this packing guide is generic, so I usually will be a little more detailed planning out outfits for each day/night and tailoring the list to make it go along with whatever kind of trip it is. 

See some of the things I am packing for my trip to Vail, Colorado next week below!