How to Look Put Together While Still Feeling Comfortable


You have heard me say this a million times by now, but 99% of the time my number one thing when putting together an outfit is comfort. As much as I hate to say it, most days I will come home from work and before I do anything else I will change into a big t-shirt and shorts. Now this could be due to the fact that we live in Houston, Texas and it is always hot, so the least amount of clothing I can have on the better. Or it is just because I am drawn to whatever is most comfortable? I have made a mental note to myself that one of these days, I am going to clean out my t-shirt drawer and limit myself to only one or two. There are so many comfortable cute options out there that are perfect for lounging around, or even if you need something casual to throw on and head to the grocery store. As an adult, I am telling myself that the t-shirt and Nike short days are over, time to spruce things up. 

So how do you put together an outfit that is comfortable like your pj's but put together enough that you can wear it out in public? I like to start with my go to favorite pair of jeans. I am a repeat purchaser of Joe's Jeans because they are SO comfortable! They feel like sweatpants on so you won't be itching to take them off all day. After you have your base layer, I like to go with over-sized flowy blouses on top. My number one rule for comfort, it has to cover the butt. If I can bend over and not worry about anything popping out that shouldn't be, then it is good to go! 

After you have down the clothes, it's time to figure out the shoes. One of my biggest suggestions is to buy a pair of cute slip on sandals, you will live in them! Anytime I am going somewhere casual I always slip these on. They are so comfortable and the cutest! 

I hope these tips help!