Hair Tutorial with Pro Beauty Tools

I want to start off by saying I am not a hair stylist so this might not be the "correct" way to do this but it works for me so I wanted to share! My go to hair style is loose undone curls. It is so easy to do especially when you are using the right tools, it can also be done on short, medium length, or long hair (I have done it on my own hair with all of these hair lengths). I have been asked dozens of times to do this hair style on my friends and while I love doing it for them, sometimes you don't have your BFF there to lend a helping hand, so I wanted to give you all a step by step guide on how I achieve this look! If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email at and I will get back to you ASAP! Enjoy!

Step 1: Spray It's a 10 on your roots while your hair is still damp to give it extra volume. This stuff is great and you can get it pretty much anywhere, even Walgreens! 

Step 2: Blow Dry your hair. I use my detangle wet brush while drying my hair to keep it knot free. The Pro Beauty Iconic AC Motor Dryer helps maintain the frizz while drying it to give you a smooth finish. 

Step 3: While the dryer does help control some of the frizz, I am still left with some which can be easily fixed with the Pro Beauty Ceramic Straightener. I was born with little curly q's all along my hair line and sometimes they can look a little crazy, so I like to tame them with the straightener before curling it. I only straighten the top half of my hair so make sure you leave your ends for the curling iron. 

Step 4: Separate your hair into two sections (top half and bottom half).

Step 5: Time to curl! Starting at the middle of a small section of hair, you will want to lightly twist the curling iron away from your face until your strand of hair is completely wrapped around the barrel leaving a little bit of the end out. Do this all over until your hair is all completely curled. 

Step 6: This step is optional but I like a little extra volume, so I use my teasing brush and tease the top section of my hair by taking a small section and brushing down at the root until you have a small bump. You will then want to spray it with hairspray to make sure it holds in place. 

Step 7: To give it the "undone" look, I then go back over the top section of my hair using the curling iron as a wand and just wrapping small pieces of hair around the barrel and not using the clamp. This gives your hair a little bit of a different type of curl and will give it some depth making it look "undone" or "beachy". 

Step 8: Lastly I spray the Triple Sec Hair Volumizer by Drybar lightly throughout my hair to give it the tousled look and run my fingers through it to blend the curls. 

And you are finished! You can shop all of the products i use below and an outfit post with this look will be coming soon! Thanks for reading!