The Product that Helped Me Clear Up My Pesky Breakouts


One thing I have constantly struggled with all of my life is acne. Whether it be on my face, neck, always seems to be around and I can't get rid of it. I've tried dozens of products and treatments for it but it just never seems to get fully cleared up. That is until I gave the Apothederm Acne Clarifying Treatment a try. I've been trying this product out for about 2 weeks now and can really see a difference. I apply this product once a day to affected areas and it helps clear up the blemishes and also shrinks your pores. Unlike some products I've tried, this product is very lightweight and absorbs into your skin so you don't notice it's there. One thing I do suggest, make sure you wear moisturizer because this will dry out your skin and drying it out can cause negative effects and make you breakout more. Here are some other tips and tricks I have for keeping your skin clean and clear. 

1. Remove your makeup everyday before bed

I can't even tell you the last time I went to bed with makeup on. I don't know if it's the clean freak in me, but I cannot sleep if I have makeup on from the day. Sleep is when your body resets and your skin repairs from the stresses it went through that day. If you leave your makeup on, it makes it that much harder for your skin to repair itself and will cause your pores to clog up. So give your face a break and wash that makeup off before your hit the hay. 

2. Keep your pillow cases clean

At work, whenever someone new is hired we always have a welcome lunch and like to ask them all kinds of funny questions just to get a sense of their personality. One of those questions is "if you could only take one shower per day, would you shower in the morning or at night?". While there isn't a right or wrong answer, I like to think of it along this lines of you can either go to bed fresh and clean or sleep in your own filth.....not to be harsh. Along the same lines as making sure to wash your makeup off before bed, you want to make sure you wash your sheets and pillowcases regularly because they absorb all of those oils from your skin and hair throughout the night. If you don't keep them clean, these oils can transfer back to your skin and cause breakouts. 

3. Moisturize

I touched on this earlier but make sure you moisturize! I wish I would have done this earlier on in life, but since I have oily skin I always thought....why would I want to make it even more oily with a moisturizer?! I've learned that is so not the truth though. Moisturizer has made such a difference in my skin and has significantly reduced my breakouts also. When we get a breakout the first thought is to dry it out as much as possible to shrink it up, but if we over dry our skin it can cause even more damage which can cause our skin to breakout even more. Balanced skin is happy skin. 

4. Wash your makeup brushes regularly

I am so guilty on this one. I don't wash my makeup brushes nearly as much as I should and should take my own advice on this. Just like everything else, your makeup brushes can build up the oils and old makeup leftover and can cause major breakouts. Try to wash them out as much as possible and no need to go buy fancy makeup brush wash, just use baby shampoo! 

5. Leave your face alone

This one took me a while to catch onto but once you do, you will really notice a difference. One thing we all do when we get a pesky pimple is try to pop it and can't stop touching it. This makes it so much worse people! If it is so unbearable that it has to be popped make sure you sanitize your hands and the area and then as soon as you have popped it, STOP TOUCHING IT! The less you irritate it, the faster it will go away. Trust me on this one! 

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