Best Volumizing Hair Products

Best Hair Products for Volume

Being from the south, having full voluminous hair is a must. My hair type is inbetween thick and thin as in, it doesn't look super thick but when you start blow drying's a disaster and takes FOREVER! If I don't use product in it, it will flatten out by the end of the day so I need all the help I can get. I've tried dozens of products and have found that these are my favorites out of the bunch and get the job done.

If you were to get one thing, get the teasing brush. This little brush has been my life saver and creates volume even if you don't use any product. I use it at the crown of my head to get some extra lift at my roots once I'm done styling. Another great and easy product is the Big Sexy Hair Powder Play. This is a powder that you can sprinkle in your roots to create lift, or sprinkle it throughout your hair to create a messy look. 

If you have any volumizing favorites, I'd love to hear and try them out!